Week Meeting Plan Weekly Planner
1: April 2-8 Introductions:

–          What is your name

–          How old are you

–          Where are you from

–          What do you hope to get out of this mentorship program?

Mentors discuss program outline

–          Mentees will work with mentors to develop projects that will solve a problem in their community

–          Each week will focus on a new skill

–          At the end of the program mentors and mentees will present projects to community stakeholders

Homework: mentees each come up with 3 ideas for projects in their community

2: April 9-15 Mentees describe ideas for projects, mentors ask questions

Homework: mentees decide on a project

3: April 16-22 Mentors help mentees think through the steps involved in a project

Homework: mentees complete draft project plan

SKILL: Microsoft Word

4: April 23-29 Mentors advise on project plans and talk about basic internet research skills

–          What do mentors think mentees might need to know to complete their project?

Homework: mentees research and revise project plans

SKILL: Internet research

5: April 30 – May 6 Mentees talk about what they learned while doing research

Homework: begin carrying out project plan

6: May 7-13 Mentors discuss leadership

–          Ask mentees what leadership means to them

–          Talk about a time mentor stepped up and made a difference

Mentees report on progress

Homework: continue carrying out project; prepare a short presentation on how your project is going

SKILL: writing/public speaking

7: May 14-20 Mentors discuss challenges with mentees

–          How are mentee projects going?

–          Has anyone hit any issues?

–          How could you resolve these?

Homework: mentees try to resolve challenges, prepare report on how they solved a challenge

8: May 21-27 Mentees present how they have addressed a challenge in their project

Mentees and mentors discuss project progress

Homework: continue carrying out projects

9: May 28 – June 3 Mentors discuss gender discrimination

–          What is it like to work as a woman?

–          Have mentors faced any challenges because they are a woman?

–          Have mentees faced any challenges carrying out their project because of their gender?

Homework: continue carrying out projects

10: June 4-10 Groups begin to organize community presentations

–          who should hear about this work?

–          Should the presentation be in person or online?

–          What is involved in inviting stakeholders to presentation?

Homework: mentees draft emails/letters to stakeholders

SKILL: writing/Microsoft Word

11: June 11-17 Mentors help mentees revise emails to stakeholders

Mentors and mentees organize community presentation events with help from DEF staff

Homework: Mentees invite stakeholders to a community presentation

SKILL: email

12: June 18-24 Mentors demonstrate what a good PowerPoint presentation looks like for a community project

Mentors and mentees discuss what mentees want to present to community stakeholders

Homework: Mentees draft a PowerPoint presentation about their project

SKILL: Microsoft PowerPoint

13: June 25-July 1 Mentees present their PowerPoints to Mentors, mentors provide feedback

Homework: Mentees revise PowerPoints and prepare for community presentations

SKILL: Microsoft PowerPoint; public speaking

14: July 2-8 Community presentations!  
15: July 9-15 Community presentations!